Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mother - God's way of bestowing never ending love upon you

"Ma", "Mom" or "Mumma" are the three words that I may have spoken the most in my entire life - "Mum where is the dress I bought yesterday? Mumma did you pack my shoes as well? Ma I do not know what other ingredients to put in this curry? Ma can you help me with my project? Mum I am tensed about my Visa interview what do I do?" Questions, concerns, frustration, disappointment, happiness, celebrations, anger, tears - I have shared it all with the most precious person in my life - My mum. However, when I set foot in the U.S., far away from the comfort and support of my mum, I was a wreck!! Could not do anything right and had trouble with everything right from laundry, cooking, cleaning, re-arranging - EVERYTHING.

Every stage of my life she was there for me. She held my hand through my failures, cheered my success, clapped the loudest in my proud moments, and secretly cried when she missed my presence. The day I got married and moved to my new home, I realised that all the happiness in the world cannot make up for the presence of your mom. My new family loved me like my own, but no amount of love in the world can make up for Mom's love. A mother is truly irreplaceable.

Now when I am a mother, I understand everything that she ever went through. The sleepless nights, the tantrums, the love and the tears. She was there for me then and she is there for me now. She is my son's Godmother in every way. "Nani" as he fondly calls her, pampers him like no other. As I look at both of them bond, I wonder how can someone be so selfless. Truly Ma, you are God's angel sent on earth for me!

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