Monday, October 22, 2007

Family - Gods way of showing Love

People often say that we can choose our friends but family is something we are "stuck" with. Well if you had a family like mine, you would wish you were "stuck" with it for life.

A grandfather that is by far the most intelligent 70 year old person you can find on the face of the earth. Respected by all and idolised by the young ones, his knowledge is par excellence. You would be surprised if you saw him perform math calculations faster than an average calculator. He is a highly principled person who has lived his life with respect and will continue to have that respect till his last breath. His love for the family is so much that he goes out of the way, even at this age, to be a part of each an every family member's life. No matter what health condition, he has been there at every single occasion in my life, right from my school plays to graduation, from my GMAT exam to my visa interview, from my pre-departure shopping to my take-off - he has been there everywhere, everytime.
I love him tremendously and he is my Idol. I have learnt my money and time management skills from him and am proud to be his grand daughter. He is truly the head of our family and my life would never have been the same without him. No matter how irritated I must have got with his occasional advises and examples, I can never imagine my life without him. He is truly my pillar of strength.

This is just 1 of the 6 other members of my wonderful family. What can I say - I guess I am just lucky ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Decisions in life

It not the choices, but the decisions that we make in our life that decide our fate! Luck is an excuse people use when they want to get rid of the guilt of making a wrong decision. Who we are is who we decide to be.

I had a choice to take up a science field, but i decided to choose business instead. I had a choice to go to one of the top 10 universities, I decided to go to 50th one. I had a choice to buy a Sony laptop, I choose Toshiba. I had the choice to drink, I choose not to. I had a choice to keep my heart safe, but I decided to take the risk of a heartbreak.

People often take decisions and then regret them - Why? There is no point. A decision made with careful thought or on the spot, is unchangable once executed. Regretting it or blaming the circumstances does no good to anyone. Unlike a program installed on the computer, a decision can only be modified or repaired - but never uninstalled.

What to do? - Live it. You made your choice, now live it to the fullest. If you think its a wrong one, modify your ways and repair the damage rather than sit and sulk about it. I have made some decisions in my life which were not necessarily "wrong", but were not exactly good ones. The way I dealt with them was to modify the results of the decision. To illustrate what I mean, I did bad on an exam. Here I had a choice to study hard or relax and rely on past knowledge to skim through the exam. I chose the latter. Owing to mounting frustration and behaving like an average teenager, I blamed it on the circumstances. I removed my frustration on my mom and blamed her for being the one responsible and not waking me up on time to study for the paper. This did not help but made me feel worst as somwhere my conscious was full of guilt. The way I modified my bad decision was to go and apologise to mum and take full responsibility of doing bad on the paper. I also assured her that I would do better on the next one to make up for it and that is exactly what I did. 1 good decision can help modify or repair the damage done by a bad decision

The example was cheesy but its true. Bad experiences in life, when modified, can help make better human beings. I have become a better person than before because I easily apologise and take full responsibility for my mistakes. I may still have that C on my paper - but I sure learnt a valuable lesson.