Friday, December 21, 2007

Wanna go on a roadtrip?

Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow! Some people belive they can make their future while some belive its pre-drawn by the almighty. Whatever the excuse, a part of us wants to know what lies ahead and a part of us that likes the mystery. I for one, like the mystery that the unknown brings. Not knowing what will happen tomorrow makes life an adventure. An exciting road trip that we take everyday to explore unknown places. On the road trip we may pass through deserts and jungles where we encounter troubled times, or pass through beautiful towns where there is abundance of people and necessities. The fun however is in discovering all the different places on the way, surviving the different climates and circumstances, and in the end coming home with great memories.

By metophorically comparing the life to a roadtrip, it does not make life sound all that bad. Its not like a big deal or a burden the way some look at it. Its about cruising along in the best you can afford as what one drives is the path one chooses. Be it a BMW or a maruti, just CRUISE along it. Its the the enjoyment on the way that matters, not the duration! Its the journey that matters, not the destination!


sharad said...

Some good posts there!Fun reading them. I guess, US gets this side out of any individual.... :D..Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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